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Share 3 images on your social media and get 100% Cashback💰💰💰

How it Works?

1. Take 3 different photos of your new Lumiere Cart Cover with your little one. Get creative with your shots!

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Black & White Stripes Shopping Cart Cover

    2. Post them on IG, FB, or Twitter with hashtags #lumierebaby and #shoppingcartcover. For us to approve your posts, they have to be set to Public.

    3. Tag and DM us on IG @lumierebaby.

    Alternatively, you copy the post URLs and submit your entries by:

    • ‍Filll out this form.
    • ‍Email us at with your name, ZellePay email, and post links.


    4. We’ll review your submission within 1-2 business days. Once we confirmed its validity, we will send the full cashback to you via Zelle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Terms & Conditions

    1. This promo is only eligible to customers who purchased the Lumiere cart cover during this promo period only.

    2. The photos must contain the newly purchased cart cover and your little angel. You may edit the photo not to include your little angel’s face, such as putting a sticker or emoji over the face.

    3. Please use your personal images only. Pictures that are taken from our social accounts, our official website, our Amazon store, or from other people are considered invalid and will result in disqualification from the program.

    4. If you submitted your entries via e-mail or the Google form, you will receive an email regarding the results of the submission review within 1 working day.

    5. In the event that we encounter any issues with your entries, we’ll inform you via email.

    6. We’ll send the rewards via ZellePay only. If you don’t have Zelle yet, please
    click here to get started. Currently PayPal/Venmo is not supported for this promo. Zelle is a fast, safe and easy. It’s used by most banks in the US.

    7. The promo is only valid for US residents living in contiguous United States.

    8. The promo is only valid for orders shipping to contiguous United States.

    9. The promo is valid for 1 product only. You can invite your friends, but the promo is applicable to only 1 product per person. 

    Have any questions about this promo? Reach out to us by sending an email to or contact us here.